Advertisements - templates


Templates for Screen Displays:

General UI template (Univeristy Blue) (.ppt)
School of Social Sciences (.ppt)
School of Health Sciences (.ppt)
School of Humanities (.ppt)
School of Education (.ppt)
School of Engineering and Natural Sciences (.ppt)


InDesign templates for advertisements:

General advertisement (.indd) General advertisement (.idml)
Job advertisements (Illustrator)  
Advertisement for schools (.indd) Advertisements for schools (idml)
Advertisement for faculties (.indd) Advertisement for faculties (idml)
Advertisment for symposia and talks (.indd  151x200 mm) Advertisement for symposia and talks (.idml)
Advertisement without photo (.indd 99x140 mm) Advertisement without photo (.idml)
Advertisement for bus stops (.indd 1185x1750 mm) Advertisement for bus stops (.idml)
Slides for screen displays (.indd 1366x768mm) Slides for screen displays (.idml)
Posters/advertisements (.indd 151x200) Posters/advertisements (.idml)




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