Diplomas and Documents of Recognition

The Icelandic original of the diploma 

All candidates receive a diploma when they graduate from the University of Iceland to confirm the graduation. It is vital that all University units use the templates on this page; but they are pre-designed in MS Word. They are simply downloaded to the user’s computer. These templates are available from an access based area in Ugla.
These templates can be employed as the basis for documents of recognition that are awarded by various units within the University of Iceland.

Dæmi um prófskírteini á íslensku

English translation of the diploma
Line spacing must remain intact.

Dæmi um prófskírteini á ensku



Documents of Recognition

Line spacing must remain intact.


Dæmi um viðurkenningarskjal


Viðurkenningarskjal fyrir styrktarsjóði HÍ

Dæmi um viðurkenningarskjal fyrir styrktarsjóði


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