Colours and fonts

The University of Iceland‘s colour is blue and its number is listed here below. It is permitted to use the silver grey colour shown below with all the colours symbolising the University and its five schools. Using the assigned colour for each school when designing promotional material is imperative, and the Main building should be used as a distinctive symbol in all promotional material for the University. The colours are defined below with the appropriate numbers. The aim of colour scheme is to give each school a distinction. The concept is to give the University a distinctive presentation in all promotional material, thus sending out a coordinated and clear message. All promotional material for interdisciplinary studies is in the blue University colour. This also applies to institutes that do not adhere directly to a school.

Litir hönnunarstðalsins


The University font is Frutiger. It is to be used in all printed material such as advertisements and brochures. Here below are samples of the versions of Frutiger that may be used. If Frutiger is not available on the user’s computer it is possible to use Arial, for example in slides and Word documents. Methods for downloading fonts differ according to the software used. Please click on this link to download and install custom fonts to use with Office. 



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