PowerPoint presentations

The University of Iceland offers pre-formatted MS PowerPoint documents for all University schools, faculties and the University as a whole to standardize the design of PowerPoint presentations. 
The procedure is simple - download the templates to the computer and start preparing the slide show. The search engine in the Design Standard makes it easy to find the correct format according to the University unit, font, language and type of header.
There are two basic types of templates, one with a fixed header and another with an adjustable one. The latter can be used to bring the header to front over a photo on the slide. This is a useful design feature.
The templates are in two languages, English and Icelandic, and with a standard font; i.e. Frutiger. Those who have not downloaded the Frutiger font on their computer can use Arial that is similar to Frutiger.
We encourage users to attend a course in the use of MS PowerPoint.. 
Here you can find templates  for the University of Iceland, its schools and faculties.

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