Final paper

The University of Iceland offers templates for BA and Master’s theses and reports for all University Schools. The work of students, staff, and the printer shops in finalizing theses and reports is made easier this way, and furthermore it promotes a unified look. The document is in PDF format and can be filled in according to individual faculties and schools.
It is imperative that all University units adhere to regulations on a unified look.
Below are templates for covers of final theses in undergraduate- and graduate studies at the University of Iceland (not for PhD studies):    
  • It is necessary to have Acrobat Reader 9 or a more recent version, click to download, to be able to use the template.
  • Save the document on your computer before opening it in order to have it work properly.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the document.
  • Once you have completed your work, save the document and send it to the print shop of your choice.
  • Students in the faculties of Law, Social Work, Business Administration and Economics have to write the name of their supervisor/supervisors in point 5 in the instructions.
Templates for the content of final papers can be found on the webpage of each faculty of the University
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