The University of Iceland Brand Manual

The aim of the University of Iceland design standard is to create a unified signature look for the University in all promotional material that sending out a united, strong and well-founded message. It is thus vital that all University units adhere to the brand manual that has been approved by the Rector of the University of Iceland and the deans of all of its five schools. Templates for all print objects and all individual items of the brand design have been placed on the University website to make the brand manual user friendly and easily accessible. The recent website for the brand manual is linked to a database granting easy access to all templates.
The University Logo / seal
The University of Iceland logo is twofold, on the one hand the actual seal and on the other the University logo. A variation of the logo is also available for all University Schools and faculties in the schools’ colours. The logo can also be used as a watermark in print objects and advertisements provided that the rules on its use are followed.
The actual University of Iceland seal (stamped, pressed or printed on stationery) is used when creating formal documents confirming the mandate of the author to speak for the University of Iceland or its management units. Specific rules apply for the use of the seal.
The University of Iceland logo is used in general introductions of University operations; including schools and faculties. This applies to research, teaching, communication and all services. The logo must never be used by itself, it must always be accompanied by the name of the University of Iceland; either in Icelandic or English.
The logo may be used by the following: 
  • All permanent University employees when they represent or send documents and data for their management unit 
  • All those who have received academic titles according the pertaining regulations.
  • All University Schools.
  • All University Faculties.
  • All institutes appertaining to schools and faculties.
  • All institutes appertaining to the University Council.
  • Central administration at the University of Iceland.
The logo may also be used, with other logos, for certain projects provided that a collaborative contract is in place, e.g. between the University of Iceland and Landspítali – University Hospital. This also applies for joint projects, such as conferences and symposia. However, service contracts and grant agreements do not allow automatic access to the University logo; the use has to be stipulated in the contracts. 
Numerous institutes operate under the auspices of the University of Iceland. It is important that these institutes identify with the University in all printed material they publish. When the connection is not explicit in the institutes’ names or when institutes have their own logo, their connection with the University must be defined in the appropriate manner.
The use of the logo must be consistent and the institutes that use the University logo should adhere to its fonts. Frutiger font should always accompany the logo. 
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